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Tips to Help Your Dog from Biting

By January 17, 2020No Comments

Dog bites are a Homeowners Insurance Nightmare

8 Tips to help stop your dog from Biting Others

Dog Obedience Training

Putting your dog through obedience training is always a good idea, research some of your top area locations to find a good certified trainer to help you navigate your dogs behaviors. This will establish some life long tools for you to use through your years of companionship

How To Socialize your Puppy

Socialize your pup or dog. One of the greatest tips that I know I will always do is Socialize our puppies whenever we have a new dog. Once I met a trainer who was working with a young 8 week old Golden and he had him on a leash at a heavily populated outdoor craft show. That puppy could care less about people, or anything for that matter. The trainer went on to tell me that this is one of the most valuable
tip for any breed. Let people pet them, talk to them, loud noises and machines in the area won’t startle them, they will get tired, let them nap! This allows the dog to relax in stressful situations keeping them mild mannered!

Confidence in your Puppy

Exposed them through life to situations, for example. Other dogs, loud noises, large machines, bicycles or anything else that might spark fear. Start this training as a young puppy at the earliest age possible and keep the experiences positive. Use treats as rewards to encourage good behavior.

Scared Dog?

Pay attention to your dogs demeanor. When thing may be leading to aggression or high street, if you can’t control the situation or your dogs behavior, you may have to remove your dog before something gets out of hand.

Positive Reinforcement

Do not discipline your dog with using violent or physical aggression. Opt for the positive reinforcement, praise them with treats, before resorting to the use of third party items such as shock collars or high pitched signal wands. Consistency with reward your dogs desired behavior is far more effective, dogs aim to please their life partners all they want to do is make you happy, well and they want a treat, but then again who doesn’t?

Leash your dog

Always keep your furry friend on a leash or in a fenced area. Know your dog well enough before allowing any freedom from their leash, but again keep them in a controlled area and your eye on them at all times to avoid mischief.

Notify Others

If you know that your dog has developed fearful or aggressive tendencies, ALWAYS WARN OTHERS, post this around your home. Notify people when they come to the door. Put your dog away before allowing anyone in the home. Have a muzzle if necessary to avoid any situations. This should always be done around people who kneel down to the dogs level, this can be deemed as an intimidating move or abrupt causing the dog to become skittish resulting in nipping someone who simply wanted to show their love to your pup.

Take your dog to the vet

ALWAYS keep your animals shots up to date, have a list of all vaccinations on hand and visit your vet routinely for wellness checkups. Let the vet know any behavior issues that develop over time.